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The Underwater Pics

Taken over 2 trips to Ewens Ponds and Piccaninnie Ponds in Mt Gambier, South Australia.

So what's the Digi all about??

Well I've converted... Shelved my trusty SLR and Nikonos and gone Digital all the way. Once I found that I could do everything on Digital that I have been doing on film and more I haven't looked back.. I'm a digi fanatic.


My trusty Olympus c5050z and c2020z go with me everywhere and thanks to Matt at marscuba.com a PT-010 housing lets me take the c2020z underwater too.


Scuba Diving, Landscape, Infrared and Time Lapse Photography, Hiking, Flamenco Guitar and Technology... (Oh yeah I'm a big Coffee fan too, there is a link around here somewhere to see my gear).

This is where DigiDive, DigiHike and Digi-IR come from. A site to share my photos with anybody who's interested.





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